The Next Hype (TNH) Brand is is an outlet for members of The Next  Hype Collective (TNHC) to showcase and sell their designs and artwork.

Everyone in TNHC have a background in street art with our members spanning the UK, USA and Canada. Recently TNHC decided to make the move into producing streetwear, seeing it as a natural progression from the graffiti world.

The  aim of TNH streetwear is to create streetwear, designed by actual  graffiti artist bringing you designs that are going up in the streets today, while also giving money back to the artists who were behind the designs.

Every piece we produce is firstly design  because the we want to wear it and hopefully it is an added bonus you  will want to cop it as well.

Next all the items are rigorously tested out riding, skating, on nights out and while jamming at home. If things don't fit right or break, we make changes to the design before the items are then sent for production.

As  we all come from an art background we wanted a conxent of exclusivity, so every item is produce under a limited run. That means once a design  is sold out, it is gone forever never to return.

Thanks for your time and remember 'Work Hard, Play Hard, Dance Harder'